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Phenom Elite Kicks Off Expansion into Soccer Market with Quantum Energy Cleat Line

Phenom Elite Kicks Off Expansion into Soccer Market with Quantum Energy Cleat Line


Phenom Elite Kicks Off Expansion into Soccer Market with Quantum Energy Cleat Line

Columbia, SC  - Phenom Elite, the renowned sports apparel brand, is proud to announce its venture into the world of soccer with the launch of ‘Phenom Soccer’ and its flagship product line, the Quantum Energy cleats. This expansion marks a significant milestone for the brand, further solidifying its commitment to providing top-tier performance gear across a diverse range of sports.

The Quantum Energy cleat line debuts with an impressive array of designs, including the iconic Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles the Echidna themes, alongside a striking Columbia Blue / Slime Phenom core brand colorway. Each design reflects the brand's dedication to innovation and style, offering soccer enthusiasts a unique blend of performance and personality on the field.

In addition to the groundbreaking cleat collection, Phenom Soccer will offer a comprehensive range of performance apparel, graphic tees, socks, soccer balls, and various accessories tailored to meet the needs of athletes at every level.

The Quantum Energy cleats are meticulously engineered to deliver unparalleled speed, agility, and performance on the soccer field. Featuring cutting-edge technology, these cleats are designed to propel players to victory with every sprint, cut, and kick.

At the core of the Quantum Energy cleats lies an ultralight carbon fiber traction insert, enhancing durability and providing a spring-like responsiveness that gives players an extra edge in maneuvering through tight spaces. The lightweight tooling inlay contributes to the aerodynamic design, ensuring effortless movement across the pitch while maintaining optimal speed.

"As a brand, our overarching mission is to extend our reach across all sports and establish ourselves as a formidable contender in the footwear industry for the long haul. Venturing into soccer represents yet another incremental stride towards this ambition, considering soccer's global prominence and its burgeoning growth within the United States,” said Nathan Dorton, CEO at Phenom Elite. “Just as we've distinguished ourselves with our 'stand out' philosophy in American football, we're poised to infuse our soccer products with the same core principles, ensuring that athletes experience the excellence and innovation synonymous with the brand of Phenom."

The Quantum Energy cleat line and accompanying Phenom Soccer apparel and accessories will be available for purchase online at and on Amazon. 

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